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DESSI training manual created for the adult educators/trainers/mentors who works with immigrants/refugees. There is a need to equip the adult educators who work with immigrants as it is necessary to employ the immigrants and integrate them into the labor market. It will improve the awareness, experience, and skills required for entrepreneurs willing to mentor immigrants.

The aim of the manual is to develop the entrepreneurship skills of immigrants.



  • This training manual comprises ten modules focusing on different aspects of migrant entrepreneurship.


  • No previous entrepreneurship knowledge is needed.

  • No previous skills are needed.

“Entrepreneurship is the resource, process and state of being through and in which individuals utilize positive opportunities in the market by creating and growing new business firms.”

Each module contains a detailed description of the learning process, with the aims, instructions, and guidelines that will help trainers to facilitate each session. The Training Manual includes references to background materials and the handouts, quizzes, and other materials prepared to support learning in each module.

It provides academic content but also practical activities and functional experience.

The innovative element of the module is focusing on both transversal skills and job-related skills. Each module covers the most important elements and aspects of migrant entrepreneurship, the training workshop may be adapted for a particular audience or country by changing the modules’ duration and/or by selecting the appropriate modules and topics of discussion. In consultation with partners, trainers may also select or omit sessions from the modules.

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